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If an image of a bright turquoise sea, white sand and coconut trees pops into your head every time someone says "Thailand" - you are probably in the right place. Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and not just one of the most touristic. But Thailand is not only a wild and breathtaking nature but also nightlife and parties, a rich and fascinating culture, magical and romantic corners and excellent food on every street corner.

Join us on a journey around one of the most magical and colorful spots on the globe, a journey that will expose you to a Thailand that you have not yet known. We will tell you where the most affordable hotels, the wildest parties, the most beautiful views and the clearest waters are. Thank us later.

It doesn't matter when you arrive in Thailand, how long you intend to stay there and what your final destination is - Bangkok (Bangkok) will be your gateway to the country. The huge city that has almost everything, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with over 13 million tourists a year from outside Thailand (and more than twice as many local tourists) offers you almost endless options around the clock - parties and entertainment, good food, Colorful and fragrant markets, local culture, amazing landscapes and above all different pace From everything you are used to seeing and experiencing. It was not for nothing that the four friends stopped in Bangkok on the way to the wedding in the famous movie - simply when you arrive in the city, there is no other way.

If you've already been to Thailand, you probably haven't skipped Phuket (Phuket). Fortunately for you, even after 10 visits to this island there is always more to see and do (that's what we're here for). Phuket is the largest of the Thai islands, and as such it allows you to enjoy all the worlds - belly-back on the beach, noise and chaos of parties, cheap shopping, expensive shopping, treks and trips and much more to your imagination (and reality). It is absolutely a place worth staying in for much more than two or three days, and as mentioned, it is possible and worthwhile to return to it more than once.

Pattaya (Pattaya) She has long been not what you might think she is. The image that stuck to this city in the past has completely changed, and it's not just because of good public relations but because of a real change that took place in it. In Pattaya you will find a variety of activities for the whole family spread over very large areas of the city (Mainly along the coast), visitors from the age of 3 to 90 will testify to this, as well as an excellent nightlife scene, interesting museums, water parks, temples and a lot of local heritage. It is worth devoting at least a few days to this city to really discover it up close.

Many visitors to Thailand are not satisfied with the experience of the islands in the south of the country and also add a trip to the north. And speaking of the north, it is clear that the first place to stop is the capital of northern Thailand - Chiang Mai (Chiang Mai). Not sure how many other places in the world you can see a metropolis of almost a million people running at a relatively calm pace, giving the feeling that you are not in a big city but in an intimate town in the suburbs. Beyond its charm, Chiang Mai can also be used as a starting point for star tours in the northern region, and there are quite a few of them - trekking, rock climbing, Jeep trips And quite a few religious sites dedicated to the local tradition.

If this is your first visit to Thailand - this is the place you will probably reach very quickly. One of the most beautiful islands in the world, and probably the most famous in Thailand and Asia as a whole - Kophipi (Koh Phi Phi). It doesn't matter if you are a couple on a honeymoon, a group of friends, a family or solo - the small island speaks to everyone at eye level and above all at sea level. Its mesmerizing beaches undoubtedly place it very high on the list of the most sought-after sites in the world, which even starred in the famous movie "The Beach" with the equally famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio. A lot more could be written about Kofipi, but it seems that every other word would be unnecessary.

The meaning of the name Khao Lak (Khao Lak) is "Lak Mountain", and when you look beyond the beaches you understand exactly how the area got its name - huge mountains in their height that impose a somewhat wild atmosphere on those spending time on the beaches, as if seeking to protect them and ensure their safety, and on the other hand create a unique landscape. When you arrive at Khao Lek it is hard to think that the place was one of those that was most severely damaged in the horrific tsunami of 2004. It has undergone extensive renovation and restoration and today it looks even more beautiful than it did before the damage that was done to it. The coastal strip of Khao Lak Retains its authenticity, including the immortal coconut trees and the soft white sand, and between once a year you will also find quite a lot to do to enjoy your time.

If you've been looking for the perfect place in Thailand for a family trip, you've found it right now. Hua Hin (Hua Hin) is without a doubt the destination for those who travel in full, prefer not to stray too far from Bangkok and are not willing to compromise on a vacation from the legends and attractions of northern Thailand - from landscapes and wild nature to a water park for children and adults. The price also plays a serious role in a vacation in Hua Hin - it is cheaper than a vacation in the islands of Thailand, certainly in the big cities and above all provides full and adequate value for your money.

Krabi Province (Krabi) offers you all the pleasures and treats of the Thai islands, without sailing to the island. The famous Riley Beach (Railay beach) that looks like someone painted it in the landscape, is the perfect place for a carefree vacation, one where you won't even notice how much time has passed or what day it is today. Even off the coast, Krabi offers a relaxed atmosphere, less busy and crowded, but no less pampering and fun. If you were looking for the spot where you can sunbathe on Spectacular beach that doesn't turn into a big party at night - Krabi is the place for you.

Other areas in Thailand

Name of The islands and cities of Thailand He went far, and even very long distances - there is almost no one who does not know the names "Bangkok", "Kophipi", "Kopenhagen", "Kosmoi", "Chang Mai" and many others. Yes yes, Thailand is addictive and so are the magical places it offers us, but in this huge country there are many more places to see, and many names to know such as "pie","Ku Tao"F"Ko Chang", and all of them are beautiful and instill an atmosphere of true freedom. If you are looking for a place for the perfect vacation, a little less crowded, a little quieter and one where you will find the right balance between trips, rest, good food and pampering hospitality - it's worth checking out these places.


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